About Us

Martin & Natalie

Martin & Natalie

Our story begins, as most stories begin, with a person and a calling to change the world!

We started this project a few days after returning from our honeymoon, on May 15th 2008 with the intention to start something that would make a difference for the people of Ecuador. Something “we could believe in”,

Together with five employees. All we had was basic machinery to produce plantain chips and a room full of dreams. That morning we prayed and asked God to help us in this journey. It took us one year and a half to figure out what exactly we were going to do, implement the basics and start selling. On December 2009 we launched Kiwa´s first package: the Kiwa Vegetable Chips Mix 70 grams, which is still our best-seller.


Today Kiwa is a global brand of premium vegetable chips. We are proud to work directly with farmers in eight of Ecuador’s 23 provinces and northern regions of Peru. Kiwa products are sold in over twenty countries. Moreover, we have created a very strong team that includes fantastic distributors world-wide and we are working with development organizations to help small farmers in South America get out of poverty by implementing a unique inclusive business model.

We have won some international awards for innovation and corporate social responsibility, but our main pride continues to be the many emails or facebook messages we get every week from loyal and satisfied consumers around the world. We look forward to the many years to come, to making the World a better place, to making people happy and to meeting many of you.



  • Kuality: Meet and ideally exceed customer expectations creating an atmosphere of trust and consistency.
  • Innovation: Transform ideas into solutions and opportunities.
  • World View: Understand, respect and adapt to our markets.
  • Amity: Is the way to achieve our goals, surrounded by people with positive energy and seeking healthy relationships with all stakeholders.

Our values are deeply ingrained in what we do and we try to live by them.  How do we know we are really living them?  We live the K by obtaining and then maintaining quality certifications and through positive feedback from consumers.  We live the I by launching at least 2 products every year and by obtaining innovation awards such as the ones we have received at food shows like Anuga and SIAL.  We live the W by exporting to many countries all over the world.  And we live the A by creating and maintaining a good atmosphere with all stakeholders.