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exotic joy



Bite into uniqueness!

Kiwa chips are kettle-cooked using unique natural ingredients harvested by low-income farmers all the way from the Pacific Coast´s sea level to 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andean mountainous regions of Ecuador and Peru.  Most of our raw materials, including our naturally-colored Native Andean potatoes, only come from South America.  So when you bite in, you are biting into uniqueness!!

Snacking has become part of our lives.  At Kiwa we make sure you feel an “Exotic Joy”, full of healthy attributes, when you snack.  Our ingredient lists are as clean as they can get when you only use Non-GMO, Gluten-Free raw materials and convert them into a fascinating flavor experience.


All Natural


spreading exotic joy! 



A fun and healthy way for kids to snack! 

Our KIWA Kids products are designed to fit your kids´ lunchbox, Simply get your multipack and have a snack for every day of the week. Made from hand-picked raw materials our snacks include organic banana chips, organic dried fruits, organic choco-quinoas,  organic banana puree, mango, banana & strawberry puree and vegetable chips.. 



Live Well, Live Kiwa

Only the best hand-picked ingredients are selected to go through our production chain.  Always using natural, earth-friendly products, our ingredients are washed, sliced and kettle-cooked to retain their natural flavors.  Without any artificial flavors or preservatives, our products are tested and packed, containing top quality, healthy snacks to make our customers, and their families, experience an “exotic joy”.


"I Love, Love, Love them... Thanks for making a healthy product."

— Wendy L., USA —