"How can people find the closet place to buy your products.  They are awesome and love the mission and care towards the environment!!…  Love what you are doing and THANKS!!"

Kandance Stamer, USA.

"I picked up a bag of KIWA chips last week from TJ Maxx's.  I´m hooked, please tell me where I can find these chips in what stores."

Susan Kincaid, USA.

"Hello!  While staying at a relatives house recently, I tried your Vegetable Chip Mix and LOVED them! Can you help me locate a store close to either San Jose, California or Marina, California that sells your chips?  I need them!"

Brian Clampitt, USA.

"I recently purchased a bag of your Vegetable chips at Home Goods in New York.   I Love, Love, Love them.  Please tell me where in the NY area I can purchase these products. Thanks for making a healthy product."

Wendy Layne, USA.

"Hi there, I purchased a bag of your chips and fell in love with them, how can I purchase more of them?"

Linda Arnold, USA

"When I asked one of the clerks at Marshall's about the KiwaLife chips, she said she loved them too and was really hoping they were coming back soon."

Vernette Hajek, USA.

"I recently visited Equador to go to the Galapagos islands for a volunteer trip. I ate these chips almost every day and I LOVE THEM! I was wondering of you sell your plantain chips in America (specifically Newport Beach, California) because I would love to purchase them, or can you ship internationally? Thank you so much for your delicious chips!"

Sami Pratt, USA.

"I just had my first bag of your Kiwa vegetable chips. They were delicious and every ingredient is good for me. I am so Grateful that you have made this quality product. If there is any way I can help promote your product do not hesitate to let me know."

Dorothy Kelch, Canada.

"Hello - I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy your Kiwa Vegetable chips! I am from a small community in central British Columbia, Canada, and last summer our local grocery store brought in your chips. I believe I bought one or two bags per week, for the entire summer! I enjoy the taste of the mixed vegetable chips, as well as the fact that they are all natural, low calorie, and of course delicious!"

Barb Davy, Canada.

"I have purchased your plantain and Native Andean Potatoe chips from TJMax and Marshalls.  In both places I only saw it once.  How can I buy it.  I just love the quality taste and texture."

Sandra Braimbridge, USA.

"Love your vegetable chips...please please make a bag just for the beetroot… I love those!!!! The only problem would be I\'d eat the whole bag by myself."

Janis Spooner, USA.