Kiwa Kids Chips 10 Bag Dual-Pack

Kiwa Kids Chips 10 Bag Dual-Pack


Kiwa Kids Chips take the joy of snacking to your lunch boxes and backpacks. Our kettle-cooked chips are made with unique natural ingredients harvested by low-income farmers all the way from the Pacific Coast’s sea level to the Andean mountainous regions of Ecuador. The Banana Chips take unripe bananas and transform them into a lightly salted crispy chip. The Sweet Potato and Beet chips create a colorful collection of chips that the kids will enjoy!

(5 single-serve Banana Chips With Salt & 5 single-serve Sweet Potato & Beet Chips)

Banana Chips:

Ingredients: Banana, non hydrogenated palm oil, salt.

Net weight: 1.5OZ /bag – 7.5OZ per case

Sweet Potato & Beet Chips:

Ingredients: Orange sweet potato, beetroot, sunflower oil.

Net weight: 1OZ /bag – 5OZ per case

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