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Bite into uniqueness!

Kiwa chips are kettle-cooked using unique natural ingredients harvested by small farmers all the way from the Pacific Coast´s sea level to 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andean mountainous regions of Ecuador.  Most of our raw materials, including our naturally-colored potatoes, only come from South America.  So when you bite in, you are biting into uniqueness!! Read more...


All Natural



"I Love, Love, Love them... Thanks for making a healthy product."

— Wendy L., USA

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Shared Value or Social Responsibility?

One of our values is represented by the letter A which stands for “Amigos” (friends) of the environment, society, and all stakeholders. Our work with small farmers in South America is rooted in what Michael Porter calls “shared value”. We work with small farmers not because we want to be “socially-responsible” but because we want to share with our supply-chain members the value that we are creating with Kiwa, by working together, as one team looking for a better future for all of us. Read more...